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Does your garden look tired and dated? Have your borders become overgrown, that brick wall is crumbling and your patio looks like it needs a makeover? A tired, aged-looking garden is a sure sign that you could use an update.

As with fashion and home interiors, garden trends come and go. What may have looked wonderful and modern ten years may be looking tired and dated today.

We can help you make your garden look great again! Our railway sleepers are a simple and effective way to freshen up your garden. Use them to replace that crumbling brick wall, create a raised border or a vegetable patch. There are so many uses.
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bramdean sleepers with small plants in a garden
bramdean sleepers being measured and cut

Our Sleepers

At Bramdean Sleepers we offer high quality and great value railway sleepers. We stock both oak sleepers and new treated softwood sleepers. You may not know it but railway sleepers have many uses within landscaping and construction. They are an enormously popular garden building material. They look beautiful, they’re rugged, and if they are hardwood sleepers, they should last forever!
They are ideal in all types of creations, from garden steps, to raised beds, to basic garden furniture.

Softwood Sleepers

Whatever your project, be it a home garden improvement job or a full-on commercial landscaping project, our sleepers are the ideal product.

Our softwood railway sleepers are extremely versatile, easy to use and offer something different to your home garden.

Cut from quality FSC Certified timber, they have straight edges which make construction and fitting effortless.

The tanalised treatment is environmentally friendly and suitable for children’s play areas, places where there is frequent skin contact and pet areas.

As with any landscaping grade timber, treated softwood sleepers do have knots and can have small cracks. These are just the normal characteristics of the wood and in no way affect the structural integrity of the timber.

bramdean sleepers in a stack
bramdean softwood sleepers with green treatment

Treated softwood sleepers
Dimensions: Approx. 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm

bramdean sleepers in a pile

You will notice that when the sleepers are first treated the colouring is strong. However, over time this will fade as they are exposed to the sunlight.

bramdean softwood sleepers with green treatment

Don't be surprised to see some knots and splits - this is a completely natural occurrence associated with softwood sleepers which help give them that natural look and will not affect their long-term integrity.

bramdean oak tree in a green field

Hardwood Sleepers

If you are looking for truly long lasting sleepers our superior quality oak railway sleepers are the perfect choice. Produced from sustainably sourced hardwood timber their expected lifespan is around 20 years and require little, if any, treatment. This is because our hardwood oak sleepers are a naturally dense timber.

As a result these oak railway sleepers are a popular choice for professional landscapers, garden designers and serious garden enthusiasts! They can be used for lawn edging, patios, raised beds and retaining walls.

It's important to note that these sleepers are landscaping grade and will have some splits and knots. The measurements given are not exact and so may be a few millimetres out.

bramdean oak sleepers in stack

These sleepers are saw blade cut.
Dimensions: Approx. 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm

bramdean oak sleepers in stack

The oak sleepers can be finished in many ways to suit your tastes, for example, they can be sanded for a smoother finish and then either stained or varnished.

bramdean oak sleepers in a stack

As you would expect oak does not require any protection since it is a highly resilient timber. Rain, snow, sunlight, wind - it can withstand it all! Our sleepers are untreated and are safe for children to touch.


New European Untreated Hardwood Oak Sleepers

£30  (exc VAT)

Approx. (mm) 2400 x 200 x 100

Can withstand rain, snow, sunlight, wind.
Untreated and safe for skin contact.

SPRING SALE! Treated Softwood Sleepers!

WERE £22.40 (exc VAT) NOW £19.20  (exc VAT)

Approx. (mm) 2400 x 200 x 100

Treated to an industry standard in order to be suitable for permanent contact with the ground.

We can deliver direct to you!

Free local delivery to postcodes within 5 miles of our site.

Starting from £20 (exc VAT) per load outside 5 miles.


sleepers with small plants
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sleepers being measured and cut
sleeper steps leading up to a pagoda
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sleeper planter filled with soil
large piles of sleepers

Latest News

bramdean oak tree in autumn

The Beauty of Oak

When you think of oak what words spring to your mind? Fortitude, power, majestic and wisdom. There's over 500 species of oak world-wide and a single oak tree is home to over 2,000 wildlife species, providing spaces to shelter and eat! Oak is exceptionally strong, durable and resistant to fungal attacks, this means it is less susceptible to rotting and decay. Oak is considered one of the best timbers to work with in woodworking, joinery, carving and of course railway sleepers!

Perhaps you should consider using our oak railway sleepers in your landscaping project. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

How Long Do Sleepers Last?

Here at Bramdean Sleepers we are often asked the question “How long do garden sleepers last?” The answer to this question is threefold: (1) it depends on the quality of the wood; (2) how the sleepers have been treated; and (3) the spot in your garden where they have been installed.

Hardwood Oak Sleepers are without doubt the most durable. If they are looked after correctly Oak Hardwood Sleepers can last for more than 50 years! On the other hand, an untreated softwood sleeper will last no more than a couple of years. For this reason alone, we do not stock untreated sleepers. Sitting in between Oak Hardwood Sleepers and untreated softwood are treated softwood sleepers. They are probably the most common type of garden sleeper. They cost less than oak hardwood sleepers and last for a reasonable period of time (15 to 30 years if treated with care).

Where you place the sleepers is also critical to their longevity. Untreated sleepers buried in the soil will last a lot less than an oak sleeper in a raised bed or a retaining wall. 

Speak to us first before you start your project – we could save you money, time and effort!

Installing Railway Sleepers - A Quick Guide

Remember the golden rule "measure twice, cut once"

There is essentially five steps to successful installation: (1) decide where you want to install your sleepers then clear the space of all debris and vegetation; (2) level the ground and lay the base using sand or gravel - this will help drainage; (3) add the first sleeper, ensuring it is the longest. Once it is level add the rest in the fashion of brickwork; (4) connect and secure your sleepers using special sleeper coach bolts; (5) finally, sand and treat your sleepers with a good quality treatment or preservative. Sit back and enjoy! 

If you don't fancy instaslling them yourself give us a call and we will put you in touch with a recommended landscape gardener. 

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